Oh Holy Night!

16 Dec

May God’s Peace be in your Heart

Approximately 2020 years ago the world witnessed the beginning of the fulfillment of the promise made 4000 years prior, the promise by the Lord God of sending a Savior into the world for the making of peace with the world (man) extended from God.

This birth of our Lord Jesus Christ was heralded by the angels and looked for by believers as the promise fulfilled. In Luke 2:14 the angels announce to the world the message of the gospel, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earthpeace, good will toward men.”

This message is deeply profound, the first words out of the mouths of the Angels, “Glory to God in the highest” of places heaven, of which earth is a part of the heavens and speaks to the blanket nature of God’s gift that extends to all mankind, a completeness that does not just apply to a few but to every soul. The Gift of a Savior that turns away God’s wrath, making for a universal peace in all of heaven and earth. And God’s action in bringing His Son into the world shows His good will toward all men. The Angels speak of a peace that has been won by the whole earth.

This pronouncement of the Gospel is today overshadowed by some who would make this message to pertain to only believers, but this message applies to the Lord sending His Savior to all mankind, not just those pleasing to Him.

The gospel message is throughout the Bible and the actions of man are displayed as man turns away after things of this world and showing hearts overcome by a praising of self and promoting self worth.

Oh Holy Night! What a message! We encourage you to spend time in His Word getting to know His heart and Glory, as herein lies eternal bliss for billions of years.

All That Matters Is The Eternal

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