The Heavens Declare the Glory of God!

30 Mar

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork”. This passage in Psalms 19:1.

As we read this and Genesis 1:14 and really all of scripture we come away with all the proofs of God’s power. Everywhere you look in creation whether up in the sky or beneath the surface of the earth or into the microscopic world of the makeup of our bodies’ cells and parts of cells. Everywhere we look shows us the power of God. And that nothing is by chance. The only evolving thing in our world is the growing deception of man’s minds in developing new ways to discredit God and to trick us into not believing that there is a God. That’s the devil working.

Through the ages man has thought it necessary to have outside proof of the depth of God’s power. In the beginning God created time and time can be tracked to very intricate levels in the universe. In Revelations 10:6 God tells us there will be time no longer. In 2 Peter 3:8 God says “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day”. As a child of faith we realize that Christ was born only 2 days ago.

A little child in faith does not need reinforcement, God said it I believe. Yet there are those who possibly attempt to give us a secondary reason to believe God. An example: We know God created the universe He also created time, literally the combination of everything you look up into the sky and see, is a time piece. Those that study the heavens have been able to identify the movements of the bodies in heaven and discover the order and the built in time keeping mechanism.

I remember the story put out a few years back that there supposedly were these scientists who discovered that the clock of the universe was off by twenty-four hours and they had no explanation. (we know that part of the clock stopped because it is written in His Word) The answer at this event was brought by one scientist out his bible and showed Joshua 10:12 where the earth stood still for almost one day, and then in 2 Kings 20:10 God shows us how the Earth turned back 10 degrees which accounts for 40 minutes. Whether this story is true about the finding or not, who knows.

The result of this story brings out both sides if you search it out on the net with the deniers going through all sorts of antics to explain well maybe God lied and it was an eclipse, the stuff goes on and on. Never mind that in many ancient documents indicate the recording of a longer day in history about the time of Joshua. To a little child these bunny trails are not necessary.

The point is that, when you stray away from God’s Word, the bunny trails possibly lead to doubt and it is doubt that condemns, doubt is the opposite of faith, Romans 14:23.

Spending Time in God’s Word is the only cure for doubt. Finding pastors who focus on Heaven and not on creating a heaven on earth becomes a task that all of us must be wary about.

Eternity is real and Jesus paid the price of entry for us all! Only believe!

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