Beware of False Teachers!

12 May

False teachers

There has only been one way into heaven since the Garden of Eden. That is to believe in whom God has sent. Eve understood and was waiting for Christ the Savior and at the birth of Cain proclaimed, “I have gotten a man the Lord”. You can hear the excitement in her declaration.

Twenty-seven hundred years after creation God gives the Law to his chosen people, as our school master to show us and the rest of the world more of what we are made of. The Law was never given as a path to Heaven.

Satan in the Garden of Eden mocked God with the words, “Yeah hath God said”. God in his wisdom gave the Law to teach first the children of Israel (and us) that is impossible to do enough on our own to attain heaven with the clear message that the only way to heaven was to look for the Messiah (savior).

But being sinful men, certain sects of the religion developed called the Pharisees and Sadducees who promoted themselves to a pedestal, and they cut out (ignored) parts of the law to satisfy their flesh and made themselves look Holy in the eyes of the people, thus mocking God.

For our benefit God records the statements of Jesus pointing out the mockery of the rulers, Sanhedrin. As you read everything in the Bible you see faith is the only pleasing thing before God that is acceptable for eternity in heaven.

The mockery of the Sanhedrin lives on today, in that we see churches all over the world preaching doctrines of self righteousness and earthly promises of wealth. False teachers purposely leave out parts of Jesus because it flies in the face of self worth and self aggrandizement.

Examples are:

  1. Instead of going to meeting to learn about God and His Word
    1. We go to church to show our worthiness
    2. We surrender ourselves, to a go between we call pastor or priest
      1. We elevate or allow the elevation of others from the office of servant to one of substitute that would stand in the place of or as a vicar for Christ our Savior
    3. We are about boasting in ourselves instead of in humility being thankful
  2. We look for “what can I do” rather than what has God done
    1. We are taught steps rather than hearing about God’s working
    2. False prophets teach that we must repent to prepare for faith
      1. The opposite is true, God working in our hearts brings us to repentance

This last point is the biggest to overcome, “No man comes unto the father but by me”, says our Lord. The working in the heart in reaction to the Gospel (good news of Salvation) brings one to repentance. The Greek word “μετανοησω“ means to consider after. Or after the realization of salvation the desire is to change ones walk, repent.

Not one place in the bible does God give orders to anyone to preach laws and convict people of their sins NOT ONE PLACE. The King James Version though very reliable, translates incorrectly the word meaning orders or commands into commandments, which pastors incorrectly substitute 10 Commandments. Remember the only way unto the Father “heaven” is through the Savior. It is impossible for anyone to make a choice for God and heaven without the hearing of the gospel and the working of Jesus in the heart.

Most every major religion today that wrongly calls themselves Christian, teaches some form of works righteousness, so sad. But that is what fills the collection plates. It has always been that way with people, where one sort of accepts those truths of the Bible, but takes exception to other things God teaches there. Still, these people want to be thought of by their neighbors and friends, etc. as “church-going,” “church-working” people. So they DO join a church. Of course the kind of church they want is one which omits the things that they do not accept of the Bible’s teaching – EVEN THOUGH GOD HIMSELF HAS SAID THEM. Sad to say there are many many such “churches” operating today. Their reason for existing is because so many people want them. Still, THIS is what God calls MOCKING Him. To set up such a “church” and leave out part of what God teaches, or add some of man’s notions to what God teaches is to set up an imitation church. They are then imitating, mimicking, or (to use the Bible word) mocking what the true religion ought to be.

Many churches in some way teach the 10 commandments, which is man laying out a path contrary to faith and contrary to the orders of God to go throughout the world and preach the good news. Just as the Jews of old when viewing the 10 commandments they take it to heart that their path is one of hypocrisy thinking they are able to fulfill the law.

Man is unable to repent on his own without the working of the gospel “Jesus” in their hearts to bring the person to a point of repentance. We see the apostle Paul going throughout the world teaching the gospel never once convicting or damning anyone of their sin, but always sharing the glories of God’s working to restore a perfect relationship with Him!

Some would say that the thief on the cross repented first and then asked Jesus to remember him, no, the thief saw his savior. John the Baptist we are told leapt in his mother’s womb at the voice of his savior’s mother, no repentance there. Over and over we see the order of faith is recognizing salvation through the gospel and then making the choice to repent or change their walk.

No man comes unto the father but by me is all inclusive, not one person is capable of making any choice to come to God.

And all men everywhere have had their sins forgiven on the cross, be not unbelieving but believing.

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