Love thy neighbor as thyself

24 Dec

2018 the gift of eternity

These words “love thy neighbor as thyself” [1]are the greatest guide for understanding from our Lord God, and speak to the condition of the heart that is right with the Lord. God points out the conflict is evil in all forms which make impossible for a peaceful world. But God’s love shines through as an even brighter light.

We celebrate a love so great that when man stumbled and sought more than paradise in the false hopes held out by satan in the knowing[2] of good and evil, God laid out the redemption of man through the promise of a [3]Savior. God’s Love was and is immediate; His love goes so far as to make us sons of Him.[4]

We now celebrate the completion of that promise, who was born that starlight night over two days ago, (a thousand years equals one day[5]), Jesus[6] was born and lay in a manger in Bethlehem.

Such a beautiful story of Love, so great that He sent[7] his only son to die for our sins. Imagine a gift of  billions of years that never end, that never contains any sadness or pain, with awesome bodies that can literally light up and go through walls, in a world where there is no night as there is no need for night. Think on those things, it is hard for us to imagine a world like that. But this is the gospel.

God’s one true commandment that stands today is to [8]go into all the world and preach this gospel, let men know what God’s promise has in store for us, just believe.

Today and in past history, there are men who question the power of God and the power of this message of God and would beat men into submission with laws, and hang up signs all over the country with this curse on these signs in the form of the ten commandments.

And just as satan in the garden of Eden held out an alternative world, there are those who would teach a gospel[9] that entails a life on earth with earthly treasures and wealth as the prize. Or they would have us believe that the purpose of our lives is to allow all manner of evil to exist as equal to God’s promise.

There are those that would teach that love is one of allowing their neighbor to make this 3 second journey called life, that we place a label on of 60-100 years, as a priority and the be all end all center piece of their life.

God so clearly lays out for us in His Word just [10]who man is deep inside, and that even though there are so many egregious sins out there the biggest sin is in making the cares of this world the focus of our lives. As in the days of Noah[11], the destruction of the world was performed by God because man had forgotten what is important, and made living, eating and drinking, and marrying and giving in marriage the focal point of life.

God says that the last days shall be the same[12], as in the days before the flood. We see it before our eyes, societies and churches all around the world teach and stress self worth, the promotion of putting self first, and everything else and everyone else second, totally opposite of love thy neighbor as thy self. We cannot even stay committed to our marriages, thus marrying[13] and giving in marriage is a predominate theme today, as before the flood.

No we do not need another gospel[14] or another way into heaven to be taught. We don’t need to be reminded of our sins. We need to open hearts with the good news of salvation and what it means. We do not need platitudes that make allowances for other beliefs with the predominate theme of tricking others to come into the church through some tomfoolery to fill the pews.

No, go into all the world and preach the good news of salvation and God’s love for all mankind that he sent his only begotten son. That we could partake in a paradise we can’t even imagine, as His family.

God Bless us everyone!!


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