Beware lest any man spoil you (Colossians 1:8)

22 Jun

For those that read God’s word and seek His guidance in your day to day lives, I would caution you to search and pray about our Lord’s Word. Let God’s word speak clearly in your lives and do not fall for the twisting of His Word to rule.

Clearly God tells us that the heart of man is evil and that we as Christians, God’s true followers need to be wary of even our own thoughts.  Romans 7:23-24

The prevalence today of mega churches to prey on the itching ears of those who would seek to find justification for their own ideals, rather than searching for God’s message and knowledge when reading in His word. 2 Tim. 4:3

Most prevalent is this wrongful  thinking that somehow having wealth is proof of a righteous walk with God. Rev. 3:17 Or that in order to obtain wealth you must fulfill certain criteria, “laws”, in order to obtain that wealth. Clearly God points out in His Word that such thinking is evil. Even those that received the very commandments and laws on mount Sinai are shown to be of their father the devil when they take the Holy Law given by God and seek to uphold it to it’s fullest.

God shows us that the hypocrisy of this thinking that takes the intent of the law, which is to be our school master until Christ should come, driving us to our knees with, “God be merciful to me a sinner” on our lips, and making the law a rule book by which we are able to be righteous. Matt. 15:8

God clearly lays out the life of King David for our learning. David’s life and many atrocities of sin before God and Israel are clearly itemized. Yet God declares David (Act 13:22, 1Kings 9:4) to be a righteous man a man after my own heart, a man holy and upright. Faith in the promised salvation and now the fulfillment of the promise are the only Hope.

Sadly we see friends who when faced with a challenge to their personally held belief are left seeking scripture that they can take out of context to justify themselves instead of falling to their knees seeking forgiveness.

One friend in recent years unable to wait out the process required by law to bring his intended wife to this country to marry came up with the justification that somehow his act of marring a foreigner was not legally part of the Jurisdiction of the government, when God tells us to obey those that rule over you. 1Peter 2:13. So to avoid the possibility of his intended to reject a life with him because of an atrocity in his past He pushes an illegal ceremony onto his intended. Romans 10:3, 13:1 Titus 3:1

Multiple friends have used this thing as proof of their righteousness before God, or proof of God in their lives, the fact that they have financial achievements, all the while overlooking or not being able to see that their paths have strayed from that need to recognize the forgiveness given by their savior.

God very clearly states “I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance”. And though the twisting of scripture in one instance or occurrence is not condemnation, living as though we have not lived or taught a lie is a stumbling stone, and the call goes out for repentance. Titus 1:16 Matt. 25:41

God also points out the danger of taking our eyes off of Christ and making the things of this world the focus of our life. The danger of this world thinking and its deception is shown in Titus 1:16 and Luke 13:25.

Even more important than the recognition of a potential error or sin, these actions show the revelation of what’s in the heart. God says except you have faith as a little child you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. So if we take words of our Lord and diminish them to fit our needs, whether it is to use our precept to disobey laws or to claim self righteousness in order to overlook some of God’s word for our worldly benefit, then we are in danger of hellfire, and we place those who are weaker in a position of doubting, as to them it is obvious that “God says” and this person who claims to walk with God is obviously picking and choosing thereby we promulgate disobedience. 1Corinthians 8:all

We have need to be wary of the creeping in of false teachings that would leave us standing outside the gates of heaven on our departing from this world onto the next. Matt 15:8

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