The Craftiness of Evil!

4 Jul

God through Ephesians councils us to put on His whole armor. Ephesians 6:11

The devil knows and fears the whole council of God and knows very well that doubt is the only thing that pierces that armor, so in trickery he plants doubt purposely everywhere so that the path to eternity is hidden. Narrow is the way (restricted from sight) that leads to heaven. Matthew 7:14

God in Genesis shows us that relationship of the devil’s work against man in his trickery of Eve. “Yea hath god said?” Planting doubt and through that the Fall into sin. Genesis 3:1

Daily we are given opportunities to doubt, and these doubts are overcome with that armor of God’s word. It is only through reading the Word of God that our armor Grows. (another time we will comment on the true text of the bible and the pitfalls of translations)

Pastors all over the world choose passages to teach on. Recently I heard a pastor give an eloquent talk on Romans 10:9 “that if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, thou shalt be saved.” His talk left out all focus on the most important part of the passage, “and shalt believe in thine heart…” Very prevalent in his group was the action of speaking without the engagement of the heart.

This same pastor espoused the false doctrine of; I don’t care where you go to church just so long as you go. This same man would not teach about the dangers of Mariolatry or the blasphemy of idols. In not teaching the full armor, he thus falsely gives the impression that God does not care about such minor things as split allegiance to God, or doubt.

First hand I know this man’s teaching are not of God. God tells us you can not have a tree that gives good fruit and thorns at the same time. Luke 6:43

Clearly the confession is not enough but the belief in the heart is the prize. Again God give examples of how at the last day many will say, “have we not worked many wonderful works in your name, meaning they believed that they walked with God and were serving Him, but God replies, “get away from Me I Never knew you”. Matthew 7: 22-23

Every day we are given reasons for doubt by those who choose not to put on the full armor or by those that unwittingly provide fuel for creating doubt.


1) Several websites and recent movies would explain the phenomenon in the sky at the birth of our Lord. Loosely using their reason to explain that the star of our Lord’s birth, giving the explanation that by the aligning of stars in heaven to make a brighter star appear.

2) Or the activities of this last week in the heavens of Venus and Jupiter lining up to make a brighter light in our field of view calling it a chance, “This chance alignment of the two planets is very rare”.

In the first place this is nothing to do with chance. And most importantly it does not fit our Lord’s account of the movement of the star in the path of the Wisemen’s journey. But by the use of chance as a description of this current celestial happening, it preys on the unbelief of those who would draw nearer to the truth of salvation.

Our choice of words can be influenced also by the many false claims that current translations of the scripture are better because they read easier or are more understandable giving both the knowing and unknowing, the loose meaning to scripture that can be a stumbling block for those coming to faith

Recently I listened to a recorded recitation of friend that was given on a previous Christmas holiday. It makes my skin crawl to hear some bible translations, as so much of the meaning is lost. The lack of clarity can misconstrue what God wrote and the narration brought out the radical thought that Joseph traveled to Bethlehem as an unmarried man with Mary, putting words in the mouth of our Lord by translating the word there as engaged. We in English have no word for what is written there, as Joseph in front of witnesses married Mary and they were to have a coming home or uniting. When you further look Joseph was not contemplating breaking off the engagement when Mary was found to be pregnant, he was thinking on divorce. When Mary traveled with Joseph to Bethlehem it was because she was his wife. Logic tells you that as an engaged and not married woman, Mary, would have no reason to travel with Joseph. And it says so right in scripture.

So what is the big deal, Well someone hearing this narrative could naturally assume that the filth and degradation we see of living together has always been part of our world for thousands of years, and this earnest sharing of God’s glory is able to be diminished in the eyes of someone needing strength to come to Christ by the misspoken word. And our modern translations that attempt to make things easier to understand end up blaspheming our Lord.

We as Christians have a duty to care for the feeble in our Lord, that we do not offend (cause a stumble in the walk of) in any way the faith of the weaker vessel.
The Devil is working day and night, not to scare us but to trip us up as with Eve, slyly getting us to think we are somehow in control and that faith in Him can be something we want to make it out to be. But reality is only Faith as a little child who surrenders to God and His word will suffice as that full armor to keep the devil at bay.

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